Dragon Quest Builders 2: video review

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In the few months since the release of the japanese, Dragon Quest Builders 2 finally arrives also in Italy, on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A after full of novelties, of which you speak in the video review at the top of the article.

As pointed out in the review of Dragon Quest Builders 2 curated by Simone the Comb, the game Square Enix is an action RPG that takes elements from so many different productions, amalgamandoli in an intelligent way within a sandbox deep, colorful and accessible, but only in part from the point of view of the overall match with a title like Minecraft. The plot starts from the end of the first chapter, and places it immediately after the events of Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of evil spirits. The game remains perfectly accessible for newcomers, but anyone who has played the previous titles will obviously be some references to certain characters. In the initial stages a small editor allows you to create the silent protagonist, decidendone the name, the cutting of the hair, the complexion, and a bunch of side details. The long initial tutorial aims to explain to newcomers all the basics of Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the operation of the mechanical gameplay main: crafting, building, combat, and interaction with the other characters. Each new island of the trip then introduces at least a couple of new objects in the main worthy of note, that make the title of Square Enix’s production is fresh, fulfilling and long-lived. Once all the islands of the main campaign and defeated the bad guys then we can devote just to the personalization of all worlds in the company of friends. Dragon Quest Builders 2 represents the enhanced version, revised, corrected and updated version of the first chapter of the series was a spin-off by Dragon Quest. You can find more details in the video at the head of the article.


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