Dragon Quest Builders 2, the review

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It seems that the securities of the series Dragon Quest game does not want to know of land in the West without first having made courting for several months. It is a little about the history of Dragon Quest XI, and also of the very modern (at least by us) Dragon Quest Builders 2, the sequel to the first chapter, much appreciated, published last January, 2016. At a distance of more than three years, the curious spin-off back on to the console of the current generation, but not on all: from the 12th of July 2019 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, while the fans continue to demand at least a PC version (and this from last December 2018, when the game was released in Japan). Now, two types of people will read this review. The first are those who in his time played the first Dragon Quest Builders, and then can’t wait to know if it’s worth or not to invest 60 euro in the new chapter: how is it innovative? And, above all, from what points of view? The latter, however, have played a few Dragon Quest games in the main series along the way (maybe even all!) and they wonder how may have done well in the series, an encounter with the unlikely Minecraft. Let us begin, then, because of things to say there are plenty of them: we played the title on the PlayStation 4.

Plot, first-person, progression

Dragon Quest Builders 2, equal to that of the previous chapter, is an action RPG heavily contaminated by mechanical sandbox. In reality, as in many other similar cases, the labels usually leave a bit of time, because the game draws elements from many different productions, amalgamandoli so smart in what remains basically a sandbox deep, colorful and accessible, but only in part from the point of view of the overall match with a title like Minecraft. We will talk about this, especially later on, while here we limit ourselves to recall, briefly, the plot of the game and the first few hours of the adventure. Dragon Quest Builders 2 begins from the conclusion of the previous chapter, and especially immediately after the events of Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of evil spirits. Malroth and Hargon has been defeated, but the forces of evil they resist, represented by the monsters that infest the world that the more organized the Order of Hargon. The latter aim to avenge their lord and to conquer the Kingdom of Moonbrooke, and banished from the face of the earth all the Manufacturers and by requiring that the final domain of the destruction.

Dragon Quest Builders 2, la recensione

If you are wondering what they need to have played the titles mentioned to fully enjoy Dragon Quest Builders 2, the right answer probably is: “it depends.” The new sandbox weblog , Square Enix and Omega Force is perfectly accessible for newcomers, even those who are completely fasting for the franchise, Dragon Quest. However, if you have played the previous titles, of course, you will see some references to certain characters; if you played the first Dragon Quest Builders at least for the first three hours of the game you will experience a kind of “return home”, noticing in the meantime how much has been restored well during the absence. In the initial stages a small editor that lets you create your own protagonist, the main hero of the adventure: as it was to be expected the latter will never speak, but you will decide its name, the cutting of the hair, the complexion, and a bunch of side details that (especially if you play in first person) you probably won’t notice never. Yes, the first person is one of the new Dragon Quest Builders 2 compared to the first installment of the series, and is certainly a point in favor of immersion. It is not excluded that it can get surprise, in a second moment, the support for PlayStation VR for the title; keep in mind, however, that during the construction of buildings a little bit, the accuracy of the design suffers from the lack of a camera is freely swivelling (present instead in the third-person mode).

Dragon Quest Builders 2, la recensione

The long initial tutorial aims to explain to newcomers all the basics of Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the operation of the mechanical main game: crafting, building, combat, interaction with NPCS. And developers will continue to explain and also explain once wrecked the ship of the monsters that he has captured the main hero, and even after you have met your first friends on the Island of Awakening. From this point of view, however, you must remember that the title is one of those who continues to teach even after many hours of gameplay in themain adventure: it seems that there is always some detail to discover, some mechanical new that jumps out, or simply upgrades and changes to those already present; each new island of the trip usually serves to introduce at least a couple of new objects in the main worthy of note. These aspects make the title of Square Enix’s production is fresh, rewarding and incredibly long-lived. Once all the islands of the main campaign and defeated the crooks, in fact, you can enjoy simply for the customization of all the worlds, building what suits you best, and imposing your personal rules (for example: no monsters around)… even in the company of vostrr friends.

Gameplay: how to play

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the enhanced version, revised, corrected and updated version of the first chapter of the series was a spin-off by Dragon Quest. Imagine the title of 2016 as a sort of prototype, the first experiment in creating something new in the theme of Dragon Quest, but contaminated with the potential of the sandbox offered by Minecraft. Now, three years later, we shake hands a production easily defined as “mammoth”. Some, though always in the context of the kind of reference: but if stilassimo a ranking with all the action-RPG sandbox would not hesitate even for a second in the place Dragon Quest Builders 2 at the top. Even on a par with Minecraft, if force must exist a competition; the most wise, however, to speak of contamination, because Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes so much from Minecraft, and then rework it in a very personal and original.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 2018 09 12 18 007

Explain how it works Dragon Quest Builders 2 from the point of view of the gameplay is very simple, less easy is to give an account of the potential of production in the long term, after dozens and dozens of hours of game play; and, above all, of variety, depth and ability to customize every single aspect of the game. In Dragon Quest Builders 2, first of all, you can destroy almost everything (but not everything-everything as in Minecraft). Destroying objects and monsters you will get materials, which you can then either place again in the world of the game as-is, or (more wisely) to combine them and use them as raw materials for something new and technically more refined crafting. In short, throw down trees and brushwood, and then maybe costruiteci a chair: just use a work bench. For weapons there is, however, a more convenient workshop by blacksmiths tools-forging may also be assigned to the members of the party and the NPC friendly, so that they can be useful against the monsters that infest the islands.
And yes, because in the Dragon Quest Builders 2 fights, and also a lot. The islands of the world of the game are incredibly vast and varied from the point of view of the biomes present, and in every place that you visit for the first time, you’ll encounter a couple of monsters ever seen up to that time.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 2018 09 12 18 006

The combat phases are in truth a lot of are uncomfortable and woody, also because of the absence of any kind of evasive move: the battle is reduced and then an attack followed by a departure to eat something and recover health, then back to the attack, and repeats it until the enemy falls to the ground. The difficulty level is never really a problem, and also in the event of a death, you just head back to the camp / village near you. Each monster defeated, it may drop to the ground of the material and still provides experience points for party members; leveling up the main hero learn new recipes, it improves health and stamina, and unlock new weapons to forge. If for the weapons, it is important to level up, new recipes and new projects for the building block in two different ways: uncovering for the event by interacting with the game world, or simply continuing with the main adventure. You would need a separate article, then, to explain how they work in the villages, where it is possible to dedicate to the cultivation of a large number of crops: may be entrusted in management to the NPC, and these are also the locations they level up, by completing the many secondary missions.

The multiplayer mode, and new

Dragon Quest Builders 2 introduces a number of novelties compared to the first chapter of the series. The first is the multiplayer mode, which works in a different way than the console in your possession. Both on Nintendo Switch over to the PlayStation 4, it is possible to host games online, or access to those already available, even if only the host keeps all the progress and the material collected; the server will be activated from 12 July 2019, so at the moment we do not know if Square Enix intends to improve the online services or introduce something even vaguely similar to the mini-games. The local multiplayer is handled in a more questionable: on Nintendo Switch, just remove the second JoyCon and hand it to a friend, physically present in the room, on the PlayStation 4 instead… you have to rely on directly to online, no local multiplayer. Is not present even cross-play in real time, the more players the PlayStation 4 can see the images taken by players on the Nintendo Switch, and vice versa.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 2018 09 12 18 008

Dragon Quest Builders 2, we have already said and I reiterate, represents a strengthening remarkable the previous title in the series, a spin-off by Dragon Quest. Almost every aspect has been revised or improved: now your hero can run, without forcing you to stroll eternal from one point to another of the map of the game; there is the quick trip, which can be activated from the map of the main game upon activation of specific naviglobi or the checkpoint; there is the first person, that warrants a completely different approach to production. You can explore the marine depths, where of course, the character’s movements are slowed down, but you can also find resources specific to that biome. You can glide from the top using a sort of hang-gliding. You can share your photos taken with the photo mode in every single moment of the adventure, or during the exploration of his island staff. The other players will see or by a special notice board or during the phases of loading, and may also manifest their appreciation with a “like”. The glance is almost always satisfied, no particular problems or delays to report (just as soon as some interpenetration between the characters, occasionally). Decidedly monotonous, in some cases, however, is the soundtrack, extremely well maintained but little varied.


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