Dragon Ball Super: the fanart of Merus, celebrates the story arc of the Galactic Patrol

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At the time of writing the manga of Dragon Ball Super is dealing with the narrative arc of the Galactic Patrol: Goku and Vegeta must face against Moro, the devourer of planets, and can count on a few allies. Few but good, as it is said: among them there is also the Merus, the patrol of the galaxy.

The first member of the Galactic Patrol known by the fans of Dragon Ball Super was Jaco, the ironic character created by author Akira Toriyama. However, if you are reading the new chapters of the manga Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super you will know that Merus is a character a lot more serious and powerful within the patrol. His help against Moro so far has been precious, even if not decisive: someone has decided to celebrate the character with a fanart.

The user’s reddit Teira-Nova has posted on Reddit the bella image that we present below, a fanart dedicated to the character of the Merus of the Galactic Patrol, a sort of celebration of the entire narrative arc (or, at least, of its most recent). What do you think? Please let us know in the comments.

Merus in Action! (art done by me, for a friend) from r/dbz


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