Dr. Mario World: video review

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Dr. Mario World back in the spotlight with a classic Nintendo puzzle game. Experience the traditional has been updated on the occasion of the debut on mobile devices, with the sliding of the capsules that time proceeds from the bottom to the top. It also increases the dynamism, taking advantage of the potential of the touch screen to manage with rapidity and precision, each element. We speak of this in the video review at the top of the article.

The phase tutorial Dr. Mario World is a bit trite and accompanies in the course of the first twenty levels of the campaign to illustrate the different mechanical properties. The goal is to eliminate all the virus of the screen, making contact three or more elements of the same color through the use of the capsules. These occupy the two “boxes”, that can be reversed and handled individually when only half of the “brick” explodes. The approach is more free compared to the classics of the genre, and allows you to drive freely the ascent of the medicines and place them anywhere on the screen, regardless of the presence of any obstacles. The structure of the progression is set according to the traditional path at later levels, with a rating system that awards up to three stars for each stage. The score is determined by the number of capsules that remain unused at the end of each level, and the focus of the gameplay is, in fact, plan your moves carefully rather than quickly, by exploiting, when possible, also any upgrades. The latter allow to eliminate the bubbles that are useless or destroy any brick, but to get them you have to necessarily use the currency of the game, the diamonds.

The developers have then been able to shuffle the cards more often, suggesting different situations through different contrivances. To deepen, we invite you to see the video or read the review curated by Tommaso Pugliese.


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