Creative Assembly’s new game closer to Overwatch than to Alien: Isolation?

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Creative Assembly, the team the author, among other things, of Alien: Isolation, are working on a new game , however, may be closer to the mechanics of Overwatch than those of the tie-in in the style of survival horror.

Reveal is an announcement of work published by the studio, in search of a Lead Hero Designer who can coordinate the development of a series of “exciting characters playable”, each with a skill peculiar. Exactly as the heroes of Overwatch, in short.

That’s not all: the candidate must also have deep knowledge of aspects such as monetization, the in-game rewards and the artistic production of the elements in cosmetics. This aspect, which suggests the presence of microtransactions of some kind.

With the development of the game is still in progress, we will not likely have an announcement by Creative Assembly, if not next year, at least. At that point, finally, we will discover what will be the next title of the talented team.


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