Android, the malware Agent Smith has affected more than 25 million devices

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Researchers from Check Point Research has identified a malware that recently infected approximately 25 million devices Android.

Agent Smith, in tribute to the famous character from the Matrix trilogy, you can hit all Android-based devices 7 and later, hiding in a downloadable app from non-official stores from where you can replace the installed programs on your smartphone with alternate versions harmful, the user has the tools to realize it.

By doing so the app starts to show advertisements, but could also be used for the removal of sensitive data or intercept users affected. At least for the moment, the majority of reports comes from Asia, even though there are some cases also registered in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

In the first phase, the app dropper downloaded from a store are not official as 9Apps check if are present on the device well-known applications, for example WhatsApp or MXPlayer. Once you have identified the target, proceed to the installation of malware by exploiting some vulnerabilities of the platform.

At that point begins the phase of extraction of the APK file of the app identified so that they can be replaced with items of a destructive nature; finally, replace the original with the counterfeit. With this technique, the user is not able to realize the changes you have made. Clearly, it is not recommended to download apps from non-official stores equipped with the system of lower safety, and therefore potentially more exposed to problems of this nature.

Agent Smith Android

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