Android Q Beta 5: navigation gesture support to Google Assistant

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Android Q continues to improve, and with the Android Q Beta 5 lucky compatible android smartphones receive officially the navigation gesture with support to Google Assistant. Let’s try to understand how it works with the new mechanism.

Google is perfecting its own system of navigation gesture, already introduced with Android 9 the Pious, and greatly enhanced in Android Q: with the beta 5 of the latter is now possible to invoke the Assistant from Google with a simple swipe on the display, starting from one of the lower corners. For now it is easier to avoid interfering with the gesture necessary to go back: the nav drawer, in fact, can be invoked by tapping and holding on the edge side of the screen.

Should be still noted a fluidity and overall greatly improved in the Android Q Beta 5, and it is necessary to consider that the latter is not even the final version of the firmware Google weblog: there is still a beta 6 before the release to the public. Recall that the navigation gesture is not compatible with the launcher third-party.

Android Q

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