There was a time in which the optical fiber was what scientists and enormous companies and even reach to 56 kbit/s with the connection of the house was a dream, as the global network itself. Today, however, we are on the edge of the mass distribution of a technology that will significantly improve the global connectivity of Italian, which allowed us to overcome a heavy series of obstacles are able to limit heavily the when the online game.

The Internet, by mirage pillar of the video game

The road to get to the free fiber FTTH has been long and bumpy, and not only for reasons of coverage or signal. The technology itself has had to take steps ahead before an online only game even if it were only conceivable. At the dawn of the multiplayer at a distance to play with someone it was necessary to make a direct call, and we had to stop the communication, leaving the burden of dialing the number to our opponent to share in the costs of the telephone bill. Then everything changed and what was an added tasty has gradually become one of the pillars of gaming to the modern, driven first by the arrival of the world wide web, and a few years after connections are flat, which are essential to give a boost to the mass spread of technology braking from excessive cost. And it is at that point that, taken out of the midst of the economic barrier, the main problem of the internet is has become one of the quality of the connections, determining to be able to download files more and more big, and vital, to say the least, to be able to play with those first-person shooters, like Quake, that were changing the world of the video game. So, here we are overwhelmed by the analog connections, the ISDN, and then by the ASDL, the third big leap forward before the fiber which, finally, led to a clear reduction of latency is accompanied by a large increase in bandwidth, allowing several people to share a connection without too many problems, at least on paper and still with a big brake even in the case of connections best.

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Until recently, in fact, the fiber-optic home has been almost exclusively in the form of FTTC, with the cable carried only up to the cabinet and with the last stretch still in the hands of the infamous twisted pair. And this is the main difference of the fiber connections Fiber To The Home (FTTH) as Melita which, removing finally to the middle of the copper, provides a signal as clean and a high bandwidth regardless of the distance of the cabinet over the phone, so allow incoming connections to 1Gbit in download and 300Mbit/s on the upload.

“Maximum power and smoothness of the internet connection in the pure fiber in every corner of the house, even with many devices connected, thanks to super wifi network Plume based on artificial intelligence. ”

Take care of the fibre infrastructure in italy, is the well-known Open Fiber, a reality born from the cooperation between Enel and CDP with the aim of achieving in a couple of years, thanks to provisions of the state plan for the ultra broadband so, a good chunk of the population of the boot. But there are already many cities covered, and many are those in which the yards, in closing, soon led to the availability of a connection to 1Gbit, a door to a world that is increasingly digital and increasingly interconnected. And it is a door that, once installed, the conversion device, optical-electrical, allows us to use any router depending on the need, even if Melita provides a SuperPod Plume that can interface with other SuperPod creating a mesh network. A real dream, in short, especially for gamers who step to the optical fiber sheer gain a series of benefits quite relevant.

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The benefits of a true fiber optic connection

The first advantage of the optical fiber at full capacity is concerned, it is obvious that both, the download speed, important for everyone but even more so for people who download games more full-bodied, boulders digital that exceed often the threshold of 50GB of data. An enormity that claims more than an hour waiting even with a connection from 100 Mbit/s actual, utopian for many italians, even in urban centers rather evolved. For many, it is about two or three hours of waiting, which, to be clear, are a pittance compared to the time when we had to wait for days to download a game average in size, but are sufficient to make it impossible becomes the possible FTTH, capable of reaching 125 megabytes per second. Let’s talk about a band enough to download 50GB in less than ten minutes, which gives them the luxury to download and delete games, movies, data, cloud and anything else to your liking. And this means having access to almost instant to the whole of our library Steam, Origin, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Paradox, Epic Games and so on, without the need for storage additional, with consequent economic saving, to be able to have everything at your fingertips. And it is a something very comfortable, even though if it passes in the second plan in the case of the quality of the gaming, linked without doubt to the connection when you talk about multiplayer experiences and so need a stable connection and, above all, responsive.

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On the other hand, while the market of dedicated hardware for video games is concerned about the input lag of the monitor, the synchronization of the images and of the reactivity of the GPU, the biggest problem for many players in regards to ping, we say it immediately, also depends on the routing of the data, sometimes intended to run for several nodes before reaching its destination and does not change drastically compared to that of a free FTTC not far from a locker, phone in good condition. But it is reasonable to expect an improvement, which is important in those games where reaction times are measured in milliseconds, especially in the case of connections that still go for miles of old copper cables, subject among other things to a greater dispersion and more stability problems. Both factors are intended to improve, and this is also for those who live in two steps from the above cabinet, with a fibre connection, pure, that, among other things, is not subject to traffic jams, thanks to a bandwidth that in addition to allowing instant downloads limits the risk of the spikes latency and other inconveniences of this type. The inconveniences that might infastidirci even in single player if they were to spread reality, as Google Staff, the pioneers of the new frontier of game streaming. In this case we speak of a stream of data important to both the upload and download, even if nothing in front of the reach of a fibre connection. With 1 Gbit/s download and 300Mbit/s upload connection like the one offered by Melita, it becomes possible to play streamed without any technical limits, if not those related to the resolution of our smartphone, monitor, viewer, virtual, or TV. And whereas in the case of Google Staff should be enough 35 mbps actual to point to 4K at 60fps with HDR, it is clear that with a connection to the FTTH there is space to allow more people to play simultaneously and in high resolution, also in this case without the fear of running out of bandwidth and incurring annoying latency issues.