The excellent promotion Microsoft to make the transition to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate dedicated to those who already subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass will not last for long, apparently, with the limit expected for the beginning of July.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the new subscription-based service of Microsoft, which includes Xbox Game Pass standard, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for PC in an unique solution to the price of 12,99 euro per month. At the moment you can buy the first month of the new subscription only a euro, but it is not so much this is the interesting part of the new promotion. As we detail in an article devoted to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: details on the transition from Gold and Game Pass and conversion rates, who is already a subscriber to one or both of the services can take advantage of a direct conversion of the remaining months for each of the services in question within the new subscription, with implications that are interesting, in fact, can lead to accumulate 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at prices that are very low compared to the standard value.

As you might expect, this offer is about to have a conclusion: there is still an official communication from the part of Microsoft, but according to various sources there are approximately 15 days to make the passage with these advantageous conditions. The question is, however, discordant: ResetEra refers to the conclusion of the offering is expected to occur on 30 June, or missing 10 days at the limit, while on Reddit you speak of 15 days starting from today.