Nintendo 3DS, no game announced at E3 2019, but will continue to support it

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The Nintendo 3DS is in the final part of their life cycle, as demonstrated by the fact that all’E3 2019 have not been announced any new game for the portable console.

Doug Bowser, the newly appointed president of Nintendo of America, has, however, ensured that thehandheld will continue to receive support in the future, also because it is currently the platform most accessible of the house of Kyoto.

“Nintendo 3DS continues to generate good returns, and retailers support the system, both at the level of hardware that software, “said Bowser. “As long as there is demand from users, we will continue to support the console.”

“In fact, we believe that the Nintendo 2DS represents an excellent entry point for gamers young: at a price of 79 dollars with a game included, certainly offers the possibility of easy access to the ecosystem Nintendo.”


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