Spoke to microfonti of GiantBomb, Phil Spencer of Microsoft said that he did not know yet what will be the final name of Project Scarlett.

In short, after the movie went online during the conference at E3 2019, the leader of the Xbox makes it clear that there is still even considered a list of possibilities.

“Honestly, I don’t know the name, nor do we have a list. It is not yet time,” replied Spencer with his partner, adding that it is still early to talk about the price.

The rumor circulating in recent times indicate that Scarlett is actually the generic name assigned to both versions of the new console, but for the time being from the parts of Redmond would prefer not to overreach.

In the course of the E3 2019 Phil Spencer has ensured that the new hardware will still have the optical reader to the physical disks and the backward compatibility means respecting our customers. He even admitted that he would like to acquire a development team of japanese and that Project xCloud may be integrated within the Xbox Game Pass.