Huawei, new OS: Hongmeng registered as a trademark in the world

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Continues the procedure of exemption from Android by Huawei, which, following the decision by Google to remove support for Android because of the ban decided by the administration Trump is about to launch its own operating system independent, whose trademark has been registered outside of China.

The new OS, which seems to be in development for years at Huawei, it will be called Hongmeng , and the name became official with the registration of the trademark with the international part of the company, who apparently will use it also outside of China, as is clear from the recent recording pop-up in Peru and is also relevant to the european market. It seems, however, that in Europe and other areas outside of China, the OS is commonly called Ark OS.

Remains in the meantime, the doubt about the actual launch of the new operating system, with some of the entries that supported the possibility of an arrival already this autumn, as reported even by the spokesman for Huawei, but on this aspect there is a degree of caution since you continue to want to assess the possibility of keeping open relations with Android. In the meantime, in fact, the chinese company still has confidence in a diplomatic solution to the problem, while maintaining the total passage to the new operating system as a possible final measurement.


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