Mark Zuckerberg was aware of the problems with the privacy of Facebook and of the practices adopted by the company. As revealed by the Wall Street Journal, citing some of the mail with which the company has responded to the requests of the Federal Trade Commission, which for more than a year investigating the american colossus.

The investigation initiated by the FTC focuses on respect on the part of Facebook of the decree of consensus of 2012, with which the company had expressed its intention to make more efficient its policies regarding privacy. According to the texts of the emails, Zuckerberg and his entourage would not have considered the topic a priority.

“We have fully cooperated with the investigations by the Ftc and provided tens of thousands of documents, emails and files. We continue to work with them and we hope to arrive at an appropriate solution,” said a spokesman for Faceook about the rumors emerged in the last few hours.

“Facebook and its managers, including Mark, strive to always comply with all laws and in no moment, Mark, or other employee of Facebook has violated deliberately the obligations of the company in respect of the decree by mutual consent.”

The news published by the Wall Street Journal has had immediate consequences on the stock exchange, where the company has recorded a loss of over 2%. In the past few days Facebook has been in the eye of the storm for the charges to spread spread videos of propaganda to be deceptive.

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg sapeva dei problemi di privacy, lo proverebbero alcune email