Bayonetta 3 : here’s why the game was not shown at E3 2019, full details on the development

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Bayonetta 3 was one of the great absent from this E3 2019 and, to tell the truth, we were first disappointed. Instead, Platinum Games has preferred to concentrate on the Astral Chain, its upcoming action title the turbo-charged but, despite the quality of some of the latter, one can’t help but think of our witch merciless that the last appearance date still 2014. This non-participation in the california living room has a reason, given all the freshly by Atsushi Inaba, the mastermind of the studio, at the microphone in VGC. The site he was asked if he had to worry about for the highly anticipated beat ‘ em all, that nothing more has been news ever since its announcement brief two years ago.

No, the development is going really well. The games are not in a year or two… it takes time. That is all. Things are going well, and I know a lot of people ask to see the title. Give news to absolutely everything at E3 is not the solution to marketing the smart. This is not because we have not shown here that the development is not going well.

This should silence the rumors of recent times. Better yet, Inaba announces a soft ambitious, with a particularly well worked.

Yes, it’s going to be a high quality game in which we put all our efforts. With Bayonetta 1 and 2, we had a process of basic development. We were doing level 1, then level 2, then level 3 and we built the story and the pace chronologically. For Bayonetta 3, we can say that one has learned enough of the last two games to change our design process and do something different from what I was just describing.

There is, therefore, to wait quietly for news of the title and have full confidence in the japanese studio, which has also more large to prove anything.


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