Yakuza: Sega the now consider a series multiplatform

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The arrival of the Yakuza on PC seems to have brought a new dimension to the series Sega, with the publisher now considers it to all intents and purposes a franchise cross-platform, considering also the PC in addition to PS4 (or Sony console at the moment).

The recent opening to the PC by Sega has given priority to those games that had already enjoyed a certain following among the public, just as the Yakuza, that from there he had three chapters converted on a Windows platform (Yakuza 0, the Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza Kiwami 2). Apparently, the operation has been successful enough to ensure the future on the PC, so much so that the platform in question has become a fixed element for the future of the series.

“It is now in the mentality of Sega Japan and Europe now, and even in the United States, the fact i consider it a product platform,” said John Clark of Sega. This does not mean that everything will be multiplatform, but we can now consider this new scenario.” This could open the door also to the possibility of the launch of the next chapters at the same time on PlayStation and the PC, and not wait necessarily a lot of time for conversions: “we Now have the ability to evaluate a simultaneous launch multi-format instead of a process at different stages as has been the case with the Yakuza”, it is nonetheless a thing that will need to be evaluated, but the intention is undoubtedly positive for the user PC.


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