Wolfenstein Youngblood : défourailler of the nazis, it really is better to two ? Our impressions

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Wolfenstein : YoungbloodWolfenstein : Youngblood is structured in the same way as The New Colossus, that is to say, of the box different, connected by a hub. Here, exit the submarine flew to Fraü Engel, because the French resistance lurks in the catacombs of Paris and used the underground network to get around without the knowledge of the dangerous soldiers patrolling the streets – knowing that each area corresponds to a district of Paris. On this point, we can say that MachineGames has done a nice job since it was able to discover many new enemies, including the fearsome DieselSoldat that require a heck of a coordination between the players before seeing them switch weapon to the left. As we told you in the introduction, Youngblood is thought to the cooperation, each player embodies one of the daughters of B. J Blazkowicz. If playing with a friend no problem, it has not, however, had the leisure to try with the I. A. (which is possible), or with a partner randomly met in matchmaking. Indeed, this last solution does not seem to have been planned, because out of the communication micro, there is no way to give orders to your friend, or to the I. A. who is accompanying you, which may pose a lot of worries. That said, communicating with her partner via voice chat (which was the case when we tried the game) is extremely pleasant, and it went fairly quickly realize that cooperation is indispensable. No question of the hero and leave his buddy behind, under penalty of facing a dismal failure. In fact, to adapt to the team play, the developers have increased the number of enemies, but also their resistance, to the point that the biggest soldiers are real bags at PV.

With sensations shoot always pleasant, and an action hyper and barns most of the time, Youngblood also offers a pan-RPG where you will have to make choices and take the time to improve weapons and skills.

Wolfenstein : YoungbloodOne more proof that Youngblood is based entirely on cooperation. Also, all the hardware is unique to each player, so that one can not steal his loot and in return, you must call our friend when we find something interesting. The disadvantage of this mechanism is that it is also impossible to share resources. A pity, we would have liked to be able to spin the life, armor, or ammo to our team member when the latter is in need. However, the interactions between players are rather numerous. One thinks in particular of the chests that contain extra lives that it should be open to two, or the passages in which a player must generate a password, and then dictating to his friend, who is in front of a lock. Each sister also has a small boost that can be applied to its twin and gives a little more life, damage increased, or a move speed more quick, even if all of this is still temporary. No split-screen mode unfortunately, but to ensure that you find a player with whom to share the adventure, Bethesda Softworks has added a Buddy Pass in the Deluxe edition of the game. Concretely, it gives you an additional code that you can give to a friend to play with him. It is not a single-use code, but a pass is temporary which enables its recipient to share your part. So, you have the option of beginning the game with a friend, and then finish it with another while using the same code. Of course, the one that has the friend code will not be able to run the game as long as he has not been invited by the owner of the game.


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