Torchlight 2, release date on PlayStation 4, the Switch, and Xbox One announced

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Perfect World Entertainment and Panic Button, have announced that Torchlight 2 will make its debut on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch the next 3 September.

Originally developed by Runic Games, the sequel has received top ratings from critics when it arrived on PC in 2012. Thanks to the support of the Panic Button, the console gamers will be able to test this dungeon crawler classic, being able to enjoy the updates and new exclusive content.

In our review of Torchlight 2 for the PC, Umberto Moioli wrote: “Torchlight II is not only a superior follow-up to the original. The second opera of Runic Games away from the idea of “clone of Diablo II,” earning a place in the gallery of the best action RPG. The additions are substantial, and the amount of content, really remarkable, is further increased with a few good ideas for the end game and support a massive community of modders, which will be given the tools to make virtually anything.

Being traditional, it brings some mechanics that can be debated but, overall, the direction of the developers is unique and defined. For 18.99 euro it is impossible not to recommend buying it.”

At the head of the news about the trailer advertisement with the date of launch of the editions of the console.


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