The Witcher 3 : the version Switch advertises its display resolutions, it is a bit pity

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This is the new unfortunate of the day. Many wondered how this was going to run The Witcher III on Switch, whose version was just announced at E3 2019. Given the capacity limited of the machine, the questions were could not be more legitimate and this is the official Twitter account of the saga of CD Projekt RED who recently put an end to it : The Witcher III turns it to 540p in portable mode and in 720p on the tv.

A resolution pretty damn weak but nonetheless understandable, the adventure of Geralt of Riv is regarded as one of the most demanding technically of his generation. It is hoped, in this case, that the framerate in this edition of Switch will be stable at 30 FPS : waiting for a gameplay video, the first few screenshots are available here.


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