The Witcher 3 in the amount of 20 million copies, says CD Projekt at E3 2019

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The Witcher 3 certify your planetary success with the amount of sales recorded around the world announced by CD Projekt RED on the occasion of the E3 2019, or 20 million copies.

This is the amount of copies sold for with regard to the PC versions, PS4 and Xbox One, even if soon there will be to even consider another version. The Witcher 3 was officially announced in Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct at E3 2019, and we strongly suspect that even on the console, Nintendo can do very well, considering that this is the first time ever where we can bring the adventures of the Strigo where we want with a portable console.

Likely, therefore, that 20 million are destined to grow in the coming months thanks to the new impetus provided by Nintendo Switch, but in the meantime, CD Projekt RED is all projected on his new production, or the impressive Cyberpunk 2077, also this shown again at E3 2019, in these days.


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