It is a while that there is talk of a possible collaboration between Fortnite and Stranger Things , and something seems to have been confirmed this evening by Netflix, suggesting the arrival of a true cross-over Stranger Things x Fortnite as sometimes happens in the game, Epic Games to the multimedia events of great importance.

The story began a few days ago, when the players have found, within the game, a sign that that was in fact an easter egg related to the series Netflix: it was the sign of Scoops Ahoy, ice cream parlour, where Steve Harrington works at the beginning of Stranger Things 3. From there started numerous rumors and speculations, that seem to find partial confirmation in what was reported by Chris Lee, director of the division of Interactive Games Netflix, in the course of the conference, this evening will be dedicated to the company.

“There is something else behind all of this that we will be unveiling in the coming weeks,” said Lee, making people think that the easter egg is not just an end in itself. The launch of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix is set for the 4th of July, so the next few weeks are probably the ideal period of time for the eventual start of an event in a cross-over between Fortnite and Stranger Things. If the thing were to follow the pattern seen previously for other collaborations, we can expect probably challenges free for all with exclusive rewards, with some skins or other themed items in the gift shop. We therefore expect to learn more.