Starfield : grand absent from the E3 2019, Bethesda details in his game that will be “different from Fallout and Elder Scrolls”

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Last year, Bethesda had presented Starfield by means of a first trailer for enigmatic. A whole new franchise which will arrive on our consoles and PCS, while its gestation is preparing quietly in the offices of the american firm, is detailed a bit through the interview with Todd Howard at Gamespot. Because if the game was one of the great absent of the E3 2019, this does not prevent the famous producer to reveal a few details about this title to the strong stakes.

There is a lot of science-fiction. It is a theme that recurs less often in the video game, the most in movies and television. And for us, it is a universe and a franchise that we believe, for about a decade. This is our first new license since 25 years.

The ambition of Bethesda for its soft is majestic. Essentially assimilated to their work on the sagas Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, the developers wish nevertheless to do something different.

Our goal is to make sure that his character is unique and stands out from Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, that it is really robust and staff. We spend a lot of time on the tone. Not just on the progress of the game, but also how you are going to see it and you say, “It is Starfield” compared to Star Trek or Star Wars.

In short, property beautiful words which we want to believe even though it is always important to take a step back. We look, in the meantime, the first video released at E3 2018.


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