Pokémon Sword and Shield : 30 minutes of gameplay from the E3 2019, all info on the game

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Pokémon Sword and Shield have been put in the spotlight at the E3 2019, during a long session of gameplay released in the course of the Nintendo Treehouse. Here is everything that we have been able to discover about the game in this demo. The capture system will be modified again, since the wild areas will be filled with pokémon powerful that will be constantly on their guard. The type of critters you may find, as well as the conditions of battle, will now be determined by the weather of the moment. For example, to put the hand on the electric type, it will preferably go to hunt during a lightning storm.

We also learned more about the famous raids dynamax. These battles will take place when four players join forces to capture a pokémon dynamax wild (these giant monsters seen in the trailer). The trainers will also recruit their partners via a notification on the system Comm-Y, one of the major novelties of this new opus. On-screen Comm-Y, players can also trade pokémon, and participate in combats versus, via a local connection or the internet. Of course, the game will not be punitive, and although the fighting against the dynamax to be difficult, you should know that a trainer defeated will be able to continue to help the team through incentives that result in small buffs. Better, if only one trainer ends up vraincre the dynamax, all will leave with, as well as with a large number of objects very useful.

Finally, it was also learned during the demo that the Pokéball More would always be used, even if you won’t be able to use it as a game controller. The device will now be limited to its function of storage, and will strengthen the bonds between trainer and pokémon. The new Pokéball More purchased will still have Mew, and will have him in his team. Remember that Pokémon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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