PlayStation Store, offers and discounts on PS4 games: here are the new promotions

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PlayStation Store renews its offers, in conjunction with the E3 2019, giving way to new promotions and discounts on PS4 games.

In addition to the selection of Days of Play, which allows you to buy titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, the God of War, Days Gone, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and many others at the price of reduced returns in fact the initiative Games for less than 20 euro.

The list of the products included in the offer is again very rich, and includes the wonderful adventure The Last Guardian to 14.99 euro, the addictive Gravity Rush 2 to 14.99 euro, the poetic and the spectacular remake of Shadow of the Colossus to 19.99 euros, and the collection of classic Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle 11,99 euro.

That’s not all: it also renews the Promotion of the Week, which sees this time to discount the famous ARK: Survival Evolved in its various editions.


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