Nintendo Switch, two new models in production according to the Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal insists with the whole thing of the new models of the Nintendo Switch, apparently, and said that in the plants of south-east Asia and China started the production of two new SKU for the Nintendo console.

It is not the first time there emerges the question, but information of this kind means that the matter is now well-established and launched. As reported, therefore, there would be two new models in the processing of Nintendo Switch, in addition to the standard: “People who have to do with the chain assembly have reported that production in Southeast Asia has begun to Nintendo Switch, with regard to precisely the model currently on the market, and the other two new models, suggesting that Nintendo will have to present them soon,” reads a Wall Street Journal article signed by Takashi Mochizuki, journalist rather active in the field of gaming and has reported several times of this possibility of the new Nintendo Switch.

“Have not yet reported precise numbers, but Nintendo wants to have enough units for theanciare the console in the United States, the biggest market regarding video games, when new products are available.” It should be noted as for the SKU , you can understand the different meanings of “model” in the sense that there may be marginal revisions, substantially the same as the potential, or even major changes, such as those of the Mini or the Pro, which is rumored for quite some time.


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