Moons of Madness, tried horror in space, with Funcom

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The appointment with Funcom is not started in the best of ways, of the rest as it is cute, Conan Chop Chop is not exactly the title that you want to try when you’re looking for games of a certain caliber. Also putting the hand to the Moons of Madness, things have not improved yet, as we would have hoped in a first time: tentacles in space also just.
But then the adventure came alive and we finally started to have fun really. Yes, the tentacles remain, as it can not change the fact that the Moons of Madness is a horror which is quite typical, and is set in the typical space station semi-abandoned already seen in a thousand other games, but slowly flashes of originality take over, and the game starts to show a character rather atypical and without a doubt the fascinating. The beginning reminded us that masterpiece of the Moon, the films of Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie) with Sam Rockwell as the protagonist, where just one base on mars we will have to carry out of the work quite monotonous to make sure that the structure you go ahead. But all this is as if I have no memory because nothing is given to us to know why in some sectors is lacking in the current, or the reason for why some doors are barred, and in addition to us seems to have a trace of other human beings, despite their presence in the past is still tangible. The only company that is a colleague with whom we can speak via radio,and that seems to have access to the heart of the base from which me rule each of the activities. Slowly, while we train on the treadmill, and eat and drink to stay in the forces, and we continue the exploration, the more of a doubt about his true identity begins to emerge on the surface. Are we really sure that this friendly is really on our side? On the contrary, are we really sure that this item is of a human? The exhibitions, to be clear, are assumptions which, where we were able to go, then that is the end of the demo that Funcom brought to the fair, nn emerge elements that can cause us to doubt his sincerity. But, as you say? trust is good and trust is better, especially if you find yourself on Mars trapped in a station where it seems that something has gone terribly wrong.

Moons of Madness, provato l'horror spaziale di Funcom

Black Star

The most fascinating part of this incipit of the gameplay is that in the Moons of Madness (the title which is also a clear reference to the mountains of madness by Howard Phillips Lovecraft) we move in the base exactly like you would in reality, more on that in a video game. Indeed, the structure is built with amazing realism, has a human logic clear, which makes it immediately easily readable. This feature turns out to be just a rather useful because, in addition to provide us with a contact with reality which raises the volume the horror of the setting, allows us to orient ourselves without the typical tools available in each and every game is modern, so much so that almost there is sorry to find and activate a wrist computer that some help, in this sense the gives. Nothing exaggerated, fortunately, but Moons of Madness, we have preferred in the first, radical, beats the initial.

Moonsofmadness 3

Large Antique

The adventure continues with simple tasks that will help to restore energy and equipment of the border, an activity that will often require the use of objects with the same realism of the first will be handled in a way very similar to what usually happens in virtual reality (and actually Moons of Madness would be perfect seen and played through a VR visor, and who knows, maybe a compatibility cues really in the future). The pace of the hour spent with this game Funcom is very slow: Moon of Madness not in a hurry to be scared, and yet still manages to load immediately anxiety. Things get complicated when we discover we have to go to disable some of the water pumps under the drive that hosts the serra of the base. From here onwards, Moons of Madness, starts to propose new locations rather inspired, while his supernatural soul will take as the upper hand until it will explode in the moment reveal its presence an aberrant creature made of muscles, twisted limbs cut off. But it is precisely here that closes the demo present at E3, when, among other things, it will finally be clear that the Moons of Madness uses the same lore of another game from Funcom: The Secret World, the MMO that between urban legends and cultists devoted to the Great Old, has been able to nail down in the armchair millions of players. Really not bad for an adventure that seemed to be in the first instance, rather anonymous, and not bad for a Funcom that constantly with water in the throat, and always manages to amaze us with her creative leaps, and his productive efforts.


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