Microsoft : Xbox Game Studios wants to a Japanese studio major !

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Microsoft would like to integrate a japanese studio major to its stable of Xbox Game Studios. This is Phil Spencer, who revealed this information during an interview during the E3 2019 to our colleagues at gamesindustry. If this statement is surprising at first glance, it is actually very logical, Xbox not being able to sell its machines to the country of the Rising Sun. The japanese market is very specific, the fact of being able to offer exclusives specially tailored for the archipelago would be a good way to bring in the customers towards the brand. Moreover, the presence of Phantasy Star Online 2 at the conference Xbox makes us think that the firm of Redmond wishes to invest more and more on the asian market. This imperative to break into the eastern markets will be crucial in the future, because it is here that lie the majority of the customers of tomorrow for the entire industry.



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