Marvel’s Avengers will not have a open world

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The lead designer of Crystal Dynamics, Philippe Therien, spoke to the microphones of Eurogamer to discuss Marvel’s the Avengers, the long-awaited new title dedicated to the Marvel heroes announced for next year on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One.

In the course of the interview the developer has addressed several issues related to the project, including the history and the main features of the gameplay. When asked if the title will make use of a structure, the open world, he replied: “the game is not open world, there are too many different places to explore to have the sense of a choice of that type. We are trying to have different types of regions in which it is possible to move from one place to another. The Avengers are effective in all over the world, and we wanted to prove it.”

Marvel’s Avengers will be released may 15, 2020. To deepen the content of the game we invite you to see our preview of E3 2019, realized by Vincenzo lettera. Among the characters may appear in the Eye of the Hawk, but at the moment there are not yet been confirmation final part of the development team.


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