Luigi”s Mansion 3 : a gameplay video of 27 min, which makes the wait even longer

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Now that the E3 2019 has officially opened its doors, Nintendo can have fun with its traditional Treehouse during which the new features of the Switch are put forward. This time, it is Luigi”s Mansion 3, which is entitled to the honours through a video of gameplay in 27 minutes. The opportunity to realize that if the basic concept has not changed, a few new features will make their appearance. For example, we can now project the ghosts in the ground to inflict even more damage. There is also the Launching-pad which will not only break the furniture, but also to weaken the spectra of heavily equipped. Finally, thanks to the Gust of wind, the phantom attacker in number will be immediately expelled to the rear.

Ah yes, we nearly forget to talk about Gluigi, an invention of Professor K. Tastroff. This double Luigi has his own abilities as a pass through of the bars, or walking on spikes. In short, we can already imagine the puzzles that require to move from one character to the other, knowing that Gluigi may also be embodied directly by a second player. Nice program in perspective. At the present time, Luigi”s Mansion 3 has no release date, but we know that it will come out well this year on the console hybrid.


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