Gears 5: what are the sexual preferences of the Kite? The answer is remarkable

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During a panel dedicated to Gears 5 at E3 2019 has staged a scene, rather surprising, when one person in the audience has asked an explanation on the “sexual preferences” of the protagonist Kite, and receiving a response rather particular from John DiMaggio, voice of Marcus Fenix.

As you can see in the clip shown below, at a certain point one of the onlookers that followed the panel asked what were the sexual preferences of the Kite, thus triggering a response piccata on the part of DiMaggio, not without irony, but obviously hard. “Are the facts of your own, motherf***er?”, replied DiMaggio, “Maybe it’s a switch-hitter, who the f***cares?”, where “switch-hitter” is generally understood to be “bisexual” in slang, following the attitude ironic but also aggressive in the response from the voice actor.

DiMaggio then went on, in a crescendo: “What kind of nerd puts you to think what is she doing?” mimicking evidently the act of masturbation. “Brother, you say in a fucking clear: I’m not interested,“he concluded,” DiMaggio, “If you want to do this type of questions, you get answers in this way”. There is to say that the question from the guy in the audience could be simply related to the way in which questions on sexual orientation may have been treated in the game, but it sure seemed pretty sore in the mail, and quite out of place. The response of colourful DiMaggio was a way to close the question in a sharp way.


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