Forza Horizon 4 has exceeded 10 million users, a Sea of Thieves of more than 8 million

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Playground Games has announced the passing of the 10 million players for Forza Horizon 4. The announcement was made during a live streaming broadcast on the Mixer and then reported on the pages of Twitter.

As you may recall, in the last few days was unveiled in the expansion, LEGO Speed Champions, who are preparing to debut on PC and Xbox One tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, Rare has updated the numbers of Sea of Thieves, which has recently crossed the milestone of 8.4 million players in total. In the month of April, the game has been updated with the Anniversary Update, which has introduced a wide range of innovations including the Arena mode, new missions, narrative, and more unlockables.

And you are still playing Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves? Please let us know in the comments below!


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