Fortnite Update 9.21: the new Epic Games to Creative Mode

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Today Epic Games has released theUpdate to 9.21 for Fortnite Real Battle, Save the World and in Creative Mode; in this short article we will examine all the latest news, improvements and fixes for the the Creative Mode, or the gigantic and deep editor dedicated to the title of Epic games.

First of all, the Grenade launcher proximity, the new weapon of Fortnite Real Battle, comes with the Update 9.21 of Epic Games also on Creative Mode: “Imagine and create new maps to explore all the potential of this new and explosive weapon!” Also, as happens with virtually every new update, Epic Games has introduced a series of new prefabricated in order to personalise your own creations: in the detail have been added to the following galleries. More details are available in the field Source for this article, especially if you are also interested in the news of Save the World and Battle Royal.

  • Gallery garage to the side of the road
  • Gallery floor, grass and mud
  • Gallery floor the forest, and grass
  • Gallery floor, grass and forest
  • Gallery floor sand and stone
  • Gallery objects dinosaur

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