Fortnite, Fortbyte 19: where to find it with the Skin Vega in a spaceship

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Today, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, the developers of Epic Games have released a new Fortbyte for Fortnite Real Battle. In this quick guide we’ll show you how to quickly find the chip collectible, that is, the Fortbyte 19.

The Fortbyte 19 of Fortnite is accessible only and exclusively by using the Skin Vega inside a building in the shape of a spaceship (spaceship). The spaceship in question is the one located in the small area between the Peak Polar (west), Conducted Confused (to the north) and Borgallegro (to the south), where there are also a few houses and a barn. The structure, made entirely of metal, is immediately identifiable even from the top.

To get the Fortbyte 19 of Fortnite wear the Skin Vega (you unlock it with the Pass, the Battle for a Fee) and visit the ship, find the object, a collectable on the top of it. Pay attention to the many enemies which of course will be present on the place, here below we present a practical video that will help you in the undertaking.


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