Fire Emblem: Three Houses allows you to rewind time to change the moves

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The permadeath has always been one of the main features of the series Fire Emblem and will also be present in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, only that in this case the game provides a special power, called Divine Pulse, can change the pattern of the battles and possibly save their comrades from the final death.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses also allows you to play in an easy mode in which the death of the characters is not final, but if you want to follow the traditional experience, then you must resort to the Classic mode, in which character death on the battle field corresponds to its final removal from the game. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses there is a special ability, called Divine Pulse, which allows you to rewind time up to achieve the specific shift that you want to modify to avoid continuing deadly events. It is a power that is consumed, therefore it can not be used continuously and must therefore be dosed, re-entering the strategic approach to the overall game, but it is still an interesting introduction to ease the climate.

It is, however, a system similar to the one adopted also in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia with Mila’s Turnwheel, even if the Divine Pulse seems to be more integrated into the game mechanics and it is not clear whether this also should be loaded with the objects to find, or if you follow an automatic flow. The release date of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is fixed to July 26, 2019.


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