Control, the E3 trailer 2019 announce support for ray tracing on PC

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Control, the highly anticipated action adventure game of Remedy Entertainment, are show with the trailer created for theE3 2019, to announce support for the ray tracing for the version PC of the game.

The spectacular technology of video cards NVIDIA RTX will allow you to obtain the reflection, normal and transparent, shadows, global illumination, diffused and other effects of the visual to enhance the graphics of the Control.

In the output , the 27th of August, in versions PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the new title of the Remedy Entertainment us put you in the shoes of Jesse Faden, director of the mysterious agency of which the base is assaulted by dark forces, and disturbing.

Using a special weapon which can be modulated and a series of telekinetic powers, we will have to make its way through numerous enemies, to discover the source of the attack and regain control of the situation.


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