Conference Netflix E3 2019, follow with us live this evening

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As for the programme, will be held this evening in the conference Netflix toE3 2019, which of course will follow you live and send it directly here on Multiplayer.en.

Appointment therefore to the hours 21:00 this evening, 12 June 2019, to follow along with us live from the conference Netflix at E3 2019, translated and commented on by our correspondents in Los Angeles. Therefore, you can tune in directly at this news and start the player below to 21:00 or head on channel Twitch of to discover all the news that Netflix has reserved for this E3 2019.

It is difficult to make predictions on an event of this kind, because everything is essentially new: both with regard to the participation of Netflix at E3 that his commitment in the field of gaming, which from now on must be substantial, at least according to the plans of the company. Among the games we can definitely include Stranger Things 3 and The Dark Crystal: The resistance.


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