Borderlands 3: the our tried from E3!

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Gearbox is going through a strange transitional period, which has seen to deal fairly well the role of publisher, while the other is not really the great one of the house development. If to this mix we can add the bombastic events that the protagonist is the CEO of the software house, Randy Pitchford, the cocktail that results from this may not that know of bitterness and concern, with a hint of apparent delirium of omnipotence to give a negative charge to the whole. Whatever the truth about Randy (who at this point are, respectively, the most mistreated of the pariahs, or the most abominable among men, with very little middle ground), however, we are interested in very little: the american company is, after all, a hotbed of talent, even without his guidance, has survived with a mixture of courage and skill that few other teams can boast, and he just pulled out his ace the most important. We speak, of course, of Borderlands 3: a game is destined to forever mark the future of these developers, that in a period of GAAS (game as a service) more or less disappointing, has the potential to disrupt the market and riconsolidare the team with a force even greater than that of the direct predecessors. We have already sampled during the first event of the presentation, of course, but we couldn’t let ourselves miss out on the new los angeles… so today we will talk about the new hunter of the crypt, Moze, and a beautiful planet named Eden 6, which is the first analyzed worthily after the dear old Pandora.

Mech warrior

I tell you this now, with all the moderation possible. Moze is a tornado of death in the cockpit of a giant robot, which for now we are exalted so much to be gained and almost certainly the coveted title of “the character that we will use in the game”. And we really kept in its description. The special skill of the hunter is called the Iron Bear Mech, and is, in fact, in the very useful ability to summon a big metal exoskeleton, designed to increase out of all proportion to its offensive capabilities, and offer a bit of breathing defensive. Already this should be enough to make this an expert on weapons and engineering attractive to a player of Borderlands, but if it was a large robot from the skills fixed, there would be the risk of to come quickly to boredom the new class. The software house, american has decided to reshuffle the cards on the table, giving it to Moze a management skill completely unique: where other characters can equip three different powers related to the various branches of development, Moze equip weapons in two slots of his mech, which become four, advancing level, and offer an impressive number of possibilities in battle.

Bl3 Reveal Event Screenshots Groupcombat Moze Fl4K

You want to be a fortress in the movement? Invested points in the branch, defensive called the “Shield of Retribution”, in order to obtain fields of energy elementals from the short distance, a fist mechanical repetition, and an energy barrier capable of making almost indestructible your mech for a limited period of time. Do you prefer a bit of classical devastation from a distance? You will have flamethrower, seeker missiles, railgun, cannons repetition, and a mass of powers which go to affect the explosive damage, the elementals, and the duration of the “transformation” (which depends on the resistance and by the quantity of gasoline consumed by the mech using weapons). Thanks to this beast of metal, therefore, use Moze is a hoot, and also in the demo, we have already seen that we have been able to try it has caught us, in spite of the limited number of weapons at our disposal. The girl also seems to be particularly interesting for the co-operative, because her mech is also equipped with turrets extra, which can be used as additional weapons by any partner decides to rising in the shoulder after the evocation.

New planets, new everything

Missing then only one class to be revealed – and we hope that the Beastmaster is as interesting as our Gunner saw what we liked – where the planets add-on which will join Pandora in this third chapter are still rather mysterious. The demo presentation of the new class, however, took place on the planet forest Eden 6, as mentioned before, and there has finally given you an idea of how it will be managed the campaign wandering around the galaxy, showing some of the dangerous enemies that you will encounter among its swamps, and the remarkable variety of its biomes. “Variety” is also the watchword of the Gearbox, according to what is explained by the art director during the presentation, the team has worked hard to offer the locations interactive feature elements of the curious, able to handle the battles (perhaps similar to the gravity decreased to the Moon in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel), but also able to completely change the register from one mission to another. Right on Eden, for example, it passes naturally from the bogs to the estate of origin of the manufacturer of arms, and Jacob’s, including the decadent halls, let’s imagine that we find the opponents are very different from the wild beasts views in open spaces.

Bl3 Reveal Event Screenshots Fl4K

Another? Well, we have noticed a care, clearly superior to the previous chapters for the customization , and the skins, with the possibility of ricolorarle to pleasure, and coatings for the fire mouths (as applicable to each of the hundreds and hundreds of weapons available), and even key rings to further customize your guns. Have also been included many extra goodies related to the multiplayer, including indicators of the weapons purchased by the companions in the vending machines, and sizes available if completed by players in the friends list. In short, Borderlands 3 is a real hoot, every time we try it convinces us more and more, and we understand why 2K we’re staking so much. We can’t wait to play it another time.


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