Astral Chain : the game PlatinumGames impresses on Switch, 26 min of gameplay slamming

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When we talk about action games, there is necessarily a time when we quote PlatinumGames. Considered one of the masters of the genre, the studio’s Hideki Kamiya was not idle, and one of its current projects is the famous Astral Chain unveiled last February. After the trailer aired yesterday during the Direct, it now has the right to a more detailed presentation in the context of the inevitable Nintendo Treehouse. We are reminded that the story takes place in the near future, and that the Earth has been invaded by creatures from another dimension.

The most interesting part of the demo is, of course, the combat system, which requires to control two characters at the same time : ours (a man or a woman), and an entity called “Legion”. Bound by a chain, the two protagonists must then coordinate their attacks to be the most efficient way possible. From a tactical point of view, Astral Chain allows you to target a single opponent, attacking two different enemies, or to send our Legion to the front to take better to the opponents backhand. As you could have guessed, there will be different types of Legions with skills that are specific to each of them.

It lets you watch all this quietly, recalling that the game will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch to the 30 August next.


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