Astral Chain, at E3 2019 Platinum Games has shown more gameplay

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Astral Chain, the new action game from Platinum Games out on Nintendo Switch, was one of the stars of yesterday tothe E3 2019.

After the short trailer included in the presentation of the Direct, the developers have shown an extensive demo during the live broadcast of the Threehouse.

The sequences of the gameplay to show the initial part of the game, including the screen dedicated to the personalization. Since the characters of Astral Chain are part of the police, will have the task to maintain law and order, investigate accidents and try to stop the fearsome aliens the Chimera who have invaded the city.

In this new adventure players will have to control two characters at the same time, using the support of the Legion. As you advance in the game you will activate new weapons for the protagonist and the new Legion with different characteristics.

Attacking enemies from behind allows you to inflict critical damage displayed in yellow, so the best strategy is to lure the enemy and then bypass it with both your character with the Legion equipped.

The main characters of the Astral Chain are brother and sister, but once you have made the initial choice to the other individual will appear during the story and fight at our side. Confirmed forward it to the police interfacceranno with a headquarters fully explorable, which also features a training room to hone their skills.

Please note that the date of exit of the Astral Chain is scheduled for the 30th of August, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game is available also in a Collector’s Edition.


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