The funny thing about this new Wolfenstein Youngblood is that none of the developers we interviewed has been able to tell us what kind of product it is. Of course, Youngblood, as every Wolfenstein is an action game in first person, although this time focusing on the cooperative between the two players, but how to classify it? Is a result different from the usual, a former DLC grown too large, or one of those expansions large enough to merit the subtitle, but not a numerical reference? Impossible to say since, apparently, even they got the idea, since the development of this project begins at the end, pushed by a single, simple goal: to create a new Wolfenstein can declinarne the winning formula in a whole new way.

Malice biomechanics

We still don’t know if Wolfenstein Youngblood will be at the height of the expectations, especially of the contents of the doubts are many, we can, however, damiano caruso on the thirty and passes intense minutes proved to London only a few days ago, where we finally saw it in action all the character of this new product. In Youngblood, changing the protagonists and the setting, but the differences from the past are still the most net with regards to the level design. The merit of this qualitative leap is a partnership of the unexpected but undoubted effectiveness: the alliance between MachineGames and Arkane Studios. The developers of Wolfenstein have in fact worked closely with those of Dishonered for infusing what was initially supposed to be a classic shooter-linear, with a soul more complex, able to give him also a certain unexpected degree of replayability. Secret rooms only accessible after you have discovered the alleys just as hidden, underpasses that allow you to surprise the enemies behind, small but fun environmental puzzles to solve alone or, even better, with the help of another player; the surprises are not lacking, and, indeed, are the basis of the gameplay of Youngblood. This is not an open world, don’t get me wrong, but the creative contribution of Arkane, it’s immediately clear, even in the sequences where the spaces are reduced, and there would be great scope to invent who knows what. In the first part played, set in a very claustrophobic, it appears, for example, immediately clear how the level design has been radically influenced by the cooperation of the two protagonists that, if ever you had missed, they are not two girls like any other, but Jess and Sophocles Blazkowicz, the daughters of the indestructible B. J. Blazkowicz or what remains of it.

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Nazi diesel

Changes, therefore, the historical period: we are in the years ’80, even if this temporal segment seems to characterize less the setting than you’d expect. If you plan to fight the nazis by listening to The Smiths or Cindy Lauper, you’re on the wrong road, but in the tcg it will be possible to find cassette tapes (it’s quite impressive to think that many of you will not know even that the form we have), and VHS. Another peculiarity of Youngblood is the skill tree of each of the two heroines, which is used at each step level, and provided you have collected enough money, to unlock new powers that will allow to the daughters of the Blazko to turn into war machines more and more lethal. And always, spending in-game currency you can upgrade in different ways the many weapons on which you can put your hands on. Weapons that also include a good selection of blades for a approach to stealth is not easy, never obligatory, but often quite useful. If you were to advance some bucks, know that it is possible to invest for new skins and new emoticons, they are not only nice but also have different effects that allow you to increase momentarily some of the statistics of the second character. It is really a lot of fun to kill all the enemies that confronts us and then launching an ok to each other, recovering part of the energy or the armor of your companion.

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Alternate Timeline

This progression, combined with a cooperative “drop in, drop out”, then you will be able to enter at any time in the current game to another player, however, could lead to some imbalance in the difficulties, given the total lack of a dynamic balance, which usually just serves to operate a similar mechanical. Despite our concerns, the friends of MachineGames does not seem to include this feature, a lack that will push users Youngblood to choose a partner with which to start and finish the game. That it is the intention of the ec confirms the buddy pass, a code that all the buyers will be able to give to a friend so they could play together without buying a second copy of the game; of course, those who will redeem the code, will not be able to play without those the game bought it, but it is still a clever feature that we are sure we will contribute in an important way to the success of this Wolfenstein. Like Doom Eternal in the same event, also Youngblood we tried it on a pc high-end, the results are quite convincing from a technical point of view. If the beginning, in fact, does not disappoint, is in the second level, tried, and set in the centre of Paris, that the game shows the muscles with svorci particularly inspired, a good level of detail and the nazis diesel somewhat charismatic as a target on the cii vomit all the lead you have. The demo, much to our sorrow, ends when you reach the underground of the city, the French, the means by which it will be possible to move freely through all or most of the levels featured in the game, as well as excellent contrivance, in case of success, to add no new issues post launch. Maybe it will not be long-lived as a Wolfenstein game in the main series, but Youngblood is without a doubt one of the most original exponents of the series. There is even much to be able to get your hands on the full version: this new Wolfenstein will arrive in stores on the 26th of July.