The illustrious mafia of the american prohibition was, is and always will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the cultural community. For the illustrious developer John Romero, who beads as DOOM or Quake, this will be downright the framework of its next game, named Empire of Sin and all freshly presented during the Nintendo Direct of E3 2019. For the occasion, a trailer quite magnificent as it was published and it sets the tone.

Thus, this action game-tactical X-COM will be asked to make a name for himself in the organized crime of the 20s, in the Chicago, alongside emblematic figures (and actual) as Al Capone, just as a headliner of this lovely trailer. It is thus necessary to eliminate its competitors in a system of the turn but also manage its business with intelligence, the game based on large mechanical strategy.

Empire of Sin is provided on Switch, of course, but also on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in spring 2020. This is going to be frankly sympathetic, and we look forward already to see more.