Among the major innovations introduced by Apple in the last WWDC there was also the Mac Pro, the expected return of the high-performance computers from Apple, which apparently will come in September.

There has not been an official announcement, but as often happens in these cases, it is directly to the official site of the Apple Store to communicate the expected timing for the launch of the products on the market. The site refers, therefore, that both the Mac Pro in 2019 that the new Pro Display XDR will be available in September 2019, then before expected considering that Apple had talked about “autumn” and usually for that window means at least half or the end of autumn.

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are the new line of high-performance (and high price) from Apple, which they have done already rather discuss. The new design of the Mac Pro delivers modularity remarkable, going back a bit to the old tradition, with price starting from 5.999 dollars. The Display Pro XDR leaves from 4.999 dollars and has made rather discuss the fact that only the pedestal requires the further disbursement of the other 999 dollars. In all, if you want the more powerful configuration, it comes in at about $ 50,000.

2019 Mac Pro Side And Front