The resolution can’t compete with that of your last tv, and wear it consistently after a little tired, but gaming experiences like the ones it is possible to experiment with virtual reality, well-laced head worth the price of the ticket, the courage of the dimensional leap. Take Blood & Truth for Playstation VR of which are reading the review, for example: the game of the London Studios is rather simple in the gameplay, it’s still shoot the bad guys that will be laid before you, but is living in first person what is normally seen through a normal screen, which totally changes the emotions in dance.

Blood and bullets

Blood & Truth is the more cazzuta of London Heist, pill action included in the welcome package to the virtual reality Sony, called VR Worlds. The London Studios have poured out on the project all the experience gained in these years to work on the PlayStation VR, and the results are there to see how, starting from the commands until you get to the execution of each key scene. Once again we are talking about a crime story set in London, but the breath of the family. The protagonist of London Heist back in the city for the funeral of the father but not in time to dry the tears that a rival company tries to take advantage of the power vacuum of many years create to do low man of the market share, to the sound of threats and pistols. But no one should afford to treat the family, Marks, or at least what remains of it: the two brothers along with a mother and sister attempt to restore order by blowing up the whole fucking neighborhood. Michelle, our sister, knows how to do it with the computer, and our mother and brother are talented in public relations, but the real good added the family we will of course be us, the old ex-soldier chose Ryan Marks.

Blood & Truth, la recensione

Blood & Truth is told in a way very similar to the London Heist, with sequences set in the present from which to explode the explosive flashback, which then would be the different stage. Ryan Marks is, in fact, was captured by an unidentified Agent Carson, a veteran of the u.s. Delta Force, ready to do anything to unravel the conspiracy that is following now the time traces. There is, therefore, something more than the spat between the different parties in the case, and this is something I willingly leave to discover from you. But know that Blood & Truth has a lot more plot than we, although we had tried the game several times, we would have expected. Maybe even too much? This depends on the tastes of each one of us, but when the action is so well designed there is always a bit of a craving to return as soon as possible to pick up machine guns and rifles, not to get lost in the chatter superfluous. Luckily the cast is really well characterized, very good in original language and nothing evil in dubbed in Italian, strong, especially of a drama that, perhaps, had never seen this quality in a product designed specifically for virtual reality; the faces, as they are animated, they mark a huge step forward compared to every other similar experience.

Blood & Truth, la recensione

Bond & Wick

The purpose of the London Studios, appears to be even more clear once you have completed Blood & Truth, is to become action hero in the middle between the two-James Bond, and John Wick. For this reason, the structure of the game is mostly on rails, but do not take it as a negative thing because it is not. Only by having almost totally control the pace of the game and on the our movements that developers can ensure a dose always perfect adrenaline and amazing action sequences. The control is not total because during the shooting you can switch between the different covers have, as you can choose between several crossroads that will allow us to discover many secrets, put your hands on new weapons that are hidden and face certain shooting positions are better or worse depending on the equipment at that time in our possession. The movements, however, are not teleporters, seen that once you press the button on the controller, the protagonist to move between the different positions in a natural way, risking being hit while remaining in full control of your arsenal, then being able to respond to enemy fire. The hybrid works perfectly, and makes Blood & Truth an experience for everyone is: who has great confidence with the motion controller and viewers, and to those who took its first steps through this new dimension of fun electronic. Of complexity at the bottom there is in abundance: each weapon can be contested in various ways as will be different the feedback if you will, of a number of weapons provide unexpected implications strategic, it is also possible to slow down time for a few seconds to reload, aim, shoot and win even when we have the face covered in blood, and the end always become inevitable. See the casting of the blood at the edges of our eyes is an indicator which is damn effective that reduces the view like in normal games two-dimensional, almost getting us to feel the heat of the plasma that drops thick from our front.

Weapons in hand, Blood & Truth is a true miracle, in the sensations that it transmits to the player and in the precision, provided that an optimum calibration, is able to reach even during the most intense stages, where other games leave the two imperfect PlayStation Move with the breath. Surprisingly, there are no big problems even when we bring the second hand under the barrel of a machine gun for example, to improve stability, going partially to cover a ball of light of one of the two controllers, or grasping a gun with both hands. But are all the commands were to be designed to great and made even better: among other things, it is possible to wield two weapons at the same time, without, however, having trouble bringing the hands to the chest to make new bullets, in order to recharge the batteries. But the possible scenarios are a lot more, because in the action, you will for instance want to take with the right hand, the gun in the holster-left, or the opposite, or get rid of both to instantly bring the hands behind the back, to simultaneously extract the two weapons, high-caliber that you can carry around with you. Shoot with two cannemozze together, download them totally, and then pull out a Colt for killing the last enemy with a sharp blow between the eyes is what you’ve seen in a million movies and video games, but never like today, to be a true gangster, you felt the sensations, so close, in scale as well… not realistic, because then Blood & Truth has its dose of lightness that keeps the game… close-up here. Let’s not forget that with the press of the triangle button, it is possible to loosen the grip on the weapon to be able to turn as a real cowboy, and that with the square button you can make gestures which if exploited with the right timing, will make it more exciting every scene of the game.

Blood Truth 3

Silence lead

Even when the guns will be silent co-stars end up the surprises. Blood & Truth is full of collectibles and a lot of fun to find and in some cases hit, as it is full of small mini games such as balls of paper to slip in the basket by the office, safes vaults, console DJ interactive on where to pump low, medium and high while waves of enemies burst into the ballroom, shooting range improvised, and the rest of the surprises is right, that does not unravel. And then there are cigars and electronic cigarettes that are hidden every where, and only to those who have played the London Heist knows how much pleasure it can give to a true smoker, a “spippacchiata” virtual. In the game there are also phases of climbing, made, moreover, very well, and that will give hard time to all those who have problems with heights, and sections in which you cut the wires, replace fuses, and picking locks. All this of course requires that the two Move in order to be appreciated at its best, but the London Studios, however, have wanted to implement the normal Dualshock, so as not to cut anyone out. The difference between the two control systems is substantial: with the pad, almost all actions that require movement 1:1 of our hands will be the force of things more abstract, and therefore less fun and immersive. The rest you use the Move to change the weapons that sbloccheremo thinking in action, to colorize them using the special airbrush, or to change the set-up in order to be more efficient in the next mission. And by the way, to finish Blood & Truth are necessary from six to eight hours, it is not just for an exclusive game PlayStation VR; are to be considered extras to be found, the polygons from unlock on where you can beat the times of friends, even online, and the contents on arrival, saw that the London Studios are not stopped and they plan to support this game until there will be enthusiasts who will continue to act the part of action hero.

Blood & Truth, la recensione