Uncharted: the movie is in advanced development, says Sony

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Despite the fact that there have never been very precise information in this regard, it seems that the movie of Uncharted is already in advanced state of development, as reported by Sony.

After the announcement of the opening of the PlayStation Productions, the new internal division at Sony that specializes in the implementation of video games in movies and TV series, from which it has emerged already the project of an adaptation of Twisted Metal is out now this new update on the film, Uncharted, remained in silence for a long time beyond the communication on the change of direction, entrusted to Dan Trachtenberg, who directed the previously-even 10 Cloverfield Lane.

It also seems that the protagonist is Tom Holland, who after the role of Spider-Man would be therefore to interpret, even Nathan Drake, a role on which was said to be interested, in fact, a few months ago. We don’t know practically else, beyond the fact that it should be a story in the mail before the event of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a sort of prequel to the series, which would also explain the choice of the young actor to interpret the protagonist, that would be so represented in its start of “career”.


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