PS Now, the ten best games available today

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After a long wait PlayStation Now is only a few months landed in our territory, and can regularly be enjoyed by the Italian players. The service offers a catalog of over 600 titles divided between PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, for a monthly fee of 14.99 euro or 100 euro, if one accepts for the annual subscription. With an offer so huge that it is not simple to select a list of the best products currently available in the package, but in this piece we have tried to select ten games that for one reason or another we believe are at the top of the list at this time. Let’s find them out together.

DiRT Rally

In the genre of racing Codemasters is always a guarantee of quality, but the team from the uk has clearly raised the bar when it is put in the head to create a new title of rally with ambitions distinctly simulative. DiRT Rally is definitely a product not suitable to all palates, but is also the most shining example of how we can transform a series historically the arcade in a real fetish for the most extreme lovers of the discipline. If you are fans of the genre, if you do not fear the extreme challenge and a video game, you expect also that knows how to inspire you to continuously improve, this is without a shadow of a doubt, a title not to be missed.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

Originally released on PC and then also arrived on the console in 2015, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is ideal for lovers of the genre RPG and old-school. A title focused on complex turn-based combat where you need to juggle with attention and a strategic approach, where the scarcity of resources and the rich ability to manage, are interspersed with interesting moral choices, a myriad of characters with whom to interact, and tons of lines of text. The work created by inXile Entertainment encompasses this and many other surprises for you to discover a step by step to guide your small group of rangers. Forced to contend with raiders, buccaneers of all kinds and factions fighting each other, the player is made a partaker of a world in decline where the threat of radiation endangers the survival of those who survived the disaster. If you have enjoyed the games of times gone by, Wasteland 2 has all the cards in rule to keep you glued to the screen dozens of hours.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the last chapter of the saga created by visionary japanese designer Hideo Kojima prior to separation by Konami. A work colossal, particularly in light of the new approach to open world that distinguishes and differentiates from his illustrious predecessors, who did not fail to feed the debate of the fans even years after its publication. In the role of Big Boss , and you have to complete a multitude of tasks major and minor, taking into account also the construction and management of Mother Base, the nerve centre of the organization’s mercenary known as Diamond Dogs. With so many goodies typical of the author in japan and an atmosphere unique in its kind, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is without a doubt one of the titles in the catalogue PS Now that can’t go unnoticed.


XCOM 2 continues the tradition of Firaxis Games in the field of turn-based strategy and does it with excellence, offering a degree of challenge more than satisfactory, and a control system that allows you to experience the campaign on the console without regretting too much of a setup from a desk with a mouse and keyboard. In this new adventure self-defense forces land who thought they had won the war against the aliens in the previous chapter find themselves having to once again fight to save the planet from the clutches of the feared Advent. To the players it is the not simple task of guiding the resistance, in a journey to the four corners of the globe to retrieve resources and to complete assignments. Let’s talk about a sequel that has been able to keep faith to its roots, without, however, disdaining the introduction of several novelties that make it a must for all interested players to turn-based strategy.


Built on the ashes of the project never born of Human Head Studios, Prey of Arkane Studios is one of the titles, the most underrated of the current generation. The experience created by the team of Lyon is characterized by the depth of story, the quality of the level design, and a spatial setting that gives a nod to titles the untouchables as BioShock or System Shock, while maintaining an identity of their own features and gameplay that make it a pearl of inestimable value in the context of the contemporary, where securities with these characteristics if they see unfortunately less and less. If you have not recovered at the time and appreciated securities in which there is limited to shoot, but where there is also the strategic planning and inventory management, you really don’t have more excuses not to let you escape.

God of War III Remastered

God of War III is a game that doesn’t need great presentations, belonging to a saga that for the fans of the world PlayStation is a reference point for almost fifteen years. The Remastered for PS4 of the great third chapter of the series is a true elixir for the spirit of any player. Still today, can be considered the chapter’s most intense and brutal among the bloody adventures that see themselves as the protagonist, the gruff spartan warrior, Kratos; a terrible fight without quarter to the gods of Olympus, which culminated in one of the skirmishes the final most epic and disruptive that we have ever seen in the world of video games. Not recover it, even now, nearly ten years after the publication of the original version, it would be really unforgivable.


Bloodborne is among the exclusive most of the weight of the current generation. Published in 2015, the masterpiece, From Software has led fans into a dark journey in the city of Yharnam, inspired by the openly to the novels of american author H. P. Lovecraft. Belonging to the category of Soulslike and featuring a combat system more dynamic compared to the cousin of Dark Souls, the game boasts an artistic achievement of the highest level as well as a level design sopraffino, capable of enhancing the exploration and the discovery, also in terms of lore. To increase the already considerable longevity of the main adventure, they are the Chalice Dungeons made with procedural criteria. To try at least once in your life, that’s for sure.

The Last of Us

As we know PlayStation Now also gives access to an extensive catalog of PlayStation 3 titles, so in a hypothetical top 10 overall, we can do no less than mention The Last of Us, the work of Naughty Dog , which has represented a sort of watershed for the narrative applied to the world of video games in the closing stages of the previous generation. The journey of Joel and Ellie is still remembered for the quality of the involvement that it can generate in the user, as well as for the excellent characterization of the characters and events that are represented on the screen. Waiting to find out the release date of the highly anticipated sequel, is a great classic that can not miss in the previous experience of any player.

Bioshock Infinite

Among the titles, more and more effective out at the end of the previous generation, there is also BioShock Infinite, the swan song of Irrational Games , as well as the latest work born from the creative genius of Ken Levine. After the disturbing events of the Rapture, is the time to take flight to the utopian Columbia. The player takes on the role of Booker DeWitt, a private investigator tasked to retrieve a girl, Elizabeth, and settle a debt hanging over his head. While not innovating from the point of view of the gameplay, Infinite stands out even today for the ability to involve the player in a narrative context, compelling and full of twists and turns, as well as for the artistic standing and the creation of an imaginary full of ideas, quotations and references to american culture. Difficult to think that you have not yet stripped more than six years after its release, but if so you would do best to fill as soon as this gap.

Red Dead Redemption

We close our brief review of Red Dead Redemption of Rockstar Games, without a shadow of a doubt one of the best titles that have ever been made in the entire history of our medium favorite. The journey of John Marston in the West now almost tamed, tells the story of a path of redemption dictated by the advance of progress and the desire to turn the page after a life of crime. With a careful reconstruction of the historical period of reference, Red Dead Redemption is a heartfelt tribute to the cinema and the american western, a cavalcade of about thirty hours between the United States and Mexico, culminating with a final between the most powerful that have ever been made for a video game.


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