Intel: the CPU of the Ice Lake you can let go of the games at 1080p with the integrated GPU

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Waiting for more from Computex, Intel already does know that his new series of CPU Ice Lake will be able to run games quite challenging with excellent performance even with only the integrated graphics card.

The new CPU Ice Lake, resulting from the manufacturing process to 10nm, you propose to, in effect, to push forward also the graphics capability of the chip, which Intel claims is able to deliver over 1 Teraflops of computational power in terms of graphic. According to reports, would it be possible to play 1080p in many titles without the need for a discrete graphics card: according to internal benchmarks, the CPU of the Ice Lake offer a performance increase of 72% with regard to Counter-Strike: GO at 1080p compared to Intel CPUS of the eighth-generation core i7 8565 and 42% on Overwatch, among others.

Of course, as often happens when it comes to benchmark internal, then there is to see with what settings have been made, as it is setting low in the majority of cases, also there are still no precise information regarding the frame-rate, even if a live demonstration did go CS:GO at 1080p and 70 frames per second, in fact. In short, the net steps forward have actually been made from the point of view of the integrated graphics in the new Intel CPU, even if obviously for a typical player will in any case be impossible to do without a discrete graphics card on the PC.


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