Ghost of Tsushima, the new production exclusive for the PS4 from Sucker Punch, is definitely one of the titles announced, the most interesting of the upcoming lineup for Sony’s console, but apparently there is still work to be done in terms of development, in view of the new research staff to be part of the team.

With the absence of Sony from E3 2019 is not yet clear when we will have new information about the Ghost of Tsushima, which in fact you do see from time and the idea that there is a new trailer important coming from Sony before E3, makes one think of this game as one of the candidates for the subjects of the event in question. After the presentation at E3 2018, the title for PS4, has not done more to see in detail but the idea is that the works are to be continued in full so far, even though they lack probably still a little bit of time before it is completed.

This idea is corroborated by the recent ads published by Sucker Punch for the research of new staff, able to help the team to “distribute a title in triple-A that is among the best.” The fact that the figure sought is a QA Manager is also hope on the state of progress of the work, because the quality control is usually the last phase before the conclusion. Among the other characteristics required, there is the need to find a person that is “not only concerned with fixing the bug, but is also aware of the experience of the player, narrative immedesimante, and that can detect the fun in the game”, in essence a person who is an integral part in the process of “bringing the Ghost of Tsushima to express its maximum potential“. At this point, we await news on the game, with the knowledge that it will be released on the PS4 but it could be a title cross-gen, with improved features on the PS5.