With a move quite a surprise, the team at Inti Creates has announced the upcoming arrival of Blaster Master Zero on the PC, through Steam.

It is a direct conversion of the game released on the Nintendo Switch, which will be sold at £ 9.99 also on the Windows platform. Blaster Master Zero is a new chapter, or a kind of adaptation of the homonymous game Sunsoft, released on the NES, but completely rebuilt. Production Inti Creates, in the typical style of the label in question, is extremely faithful to the graphic style and the gameplay to the original, proposing an action game in 2D is extremely demanding and characterised by phases of the game different.

In Blaster Master Zero, we check to alternate phases the tank futuristic Sophia III, equipped with advanced weapons systems and sophisticated artificial intelligence, and the protagonist Jason to walk, with the features of gameplay that vary from one situation and the other within the levels in the style of metroidvania and phases of the most in-style shooter classic, with clashes with challenging bosses. The PC version of Blaster Master Zero includes all of the updates and DLC came out earlier for the Nintendo Switch. The release date is scheduled for June 14, 2019.

Blaster Master Zero arriva su PC il mese prossimo