It is official, to see the first movie gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: the Fallen Order, we will have to wait until 7 June, when EA and Respawn will present the game tothe E3 2019, on the occasion of the annual EA Play. During the last Star Wars Celebration developers have been very vague on how this will work in the game, saying that it will be an action adventure third-person with a huge focus on melee combat. It’s not much, but in this video we have decided to collect all the information and the clues that have arrived here and there, through interviews, the details in the press releases or on the official website, to get an idea a little more clear about what awaits us, until the official presentation.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Concept Art 3

We start with the combat system, perhaps the most important element of the whole game, and Respawn has invested a large part of its attention to ensure it is fun and addictive. The developers have described many times Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as an “action melee” with a combat system with “weighted”. The gameplay will not be that of a hack-and-slash as it was the Power of the Force, but according to rumor, very reliable can be compared to that of the souls-like FromSoftware, as Sekiro and Dark Souls. This does not mean that we can expect the game to be extremely difficult, but that will still be important to study the opponent and do parades very accurate and with the right timing. This idea is strengthened by two things: first of all, by the fact that Respawn has already said that the combat 1 vs 1 will be crucial. It is likely that the Stormtrooper classic will be a meat shield easy to remove, but because of this, the developers have introduced in the game enemies more challenging as the Purge Trooper and the Inquisitors. In the trailer you see the protagonist, Cal, to face one of these Purge Trooper, but it is assumed there will also be other types of enemies that add a bit of variety to the fighting. Always in the trailer for the film you saw, in fact, droid security model KX: who has seen the Rogue One knows that it is the same model of Key Two used in the forces of the imperial armies, and is it realistic to think that each of these enemies will have weapons and attack strategies different.

Another very important clue comes from the official web site of the Jedi: Fallen Order. In the Italian section there is a paragraph which reads “Improve your combat skills with the saber to attack, parry, and dodge enemies more effectively”. However, on the same page in English, the text is a bit different, and can be translated not as “Improve your fighting techniques”, but with “Perfect forms of combat with the lightsaber”. And this is very interesting, because the so-called Forms of the lightsaber were fighting styles that were described in the old Expanded Universe, that is all those stories made of books, comics, and games released before it was Disney, and that today are not considered to be more canonical. Recently they have been also mentioned in the role-playing game, pen-and-paper Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Ignoring some minor variations, there are 7 Forms of lightsaber, each with distinctive traits: there are forms focused on the attack and more on defense, forms, acrobatic, or perfect to protect you from the blows of the blaster. They are a bit like different forms of kung fu or other martial arts, but translated inside of an action game like Jedi: Fallen Order, could represent their fighting styles are different, each with skills and attacks to detail and the ability to switch from one to the other at any time. In the good old Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, it was possible to choose between three different styles: Fast, Medium, and Strong, with the ability to wield two lightsabers or a double sword blade. We don’t know if the Jedi: Fallen Order will resume all 7 of the old form of combat, but we expect a structure a bit more elaborate compared to that of Jedi Academy. Maybe every Form of combat may have its own skill tree and attacks, a bit like the Yakuza series for example. Of course this reasoning only makes sense if the description on the official website reflects actually the gameplay of the game and is not only a promotional message that serves to make the combat system more interesting than it actually is.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 5

The right parenthesis is fast, since we are there: the developers have confirmed not only that there will be a growth of the character, and then with skills and Force powers to unlock, but also a growth of the laser sword. Stig Asmussen has said that “the laser sword will grow and evolve” in the course of the game, but here you can only assume what it means. Maybe you can change the crystal Kyber and the color of the blade, maybe you can cosmetically alter the hilt, or even turn it into a sword of two blades, but here we are in the field of assumptions. It is not clear if, in the course of the game you can also use a blaster or other weapon in the series-Jedi Knight. The developers have, however, stressed that the focus of the gameplay is the lightsaber, so even in the unlikely case there should be any of the blaster will almost certainly only secondary weapons and not too effective.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2

Let us turn to the mechanical stealth. The protagonist, a padawan on the run from the empire, in the trailer we see him hide, and also the motto used by Electronic Arts during the presentation was “not getting noticed”. For this reason it was thought possible mechanical stealth, with the chance to hide in some moments. On the contrary, during an interview with IGN, Stig Asmussen has clearly said that in the game there will be elements of Stealth. Wanting to be technically possible to move in a manner a bit more cautious in order not to attract too much attention, but it is not something that the game encourages you to make. Asmussen said: “The aim is to satisfy the fantasies of the fans of fight with your laser sword, and the stealth has nothing to do with this idea”. It must be said that it is a little inconsistent with the narrative having a protagonist in the story, must keep a low profile but then when we check it is not a problem to engage in combat against hundreds of enemies. But we will see how it will be actually annoying.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Concept Art 2

We spoke before of the powers of the Force. We know that in the course of the adventure, Cal will learn new powers. At the beginning of the game he is a padawan who must complete her training as Jedi, then it is easy to imagine that we will have the classic repertoire: the Force push, the ability to heal themselves, to throw the laser sword, grasp objects, move quickly, or stun enemies with a Trick of mental Jedi. However, in view of the importance of combat with the lightsaber, it is likely that the Force Powers will not be too unbalanced, it will not be possible to overcome all the fighting spammando the Jedi powers. In the theatrical trailer we saw Cal execute a wallrun, a race up a wall. We do not know however if this will be a skill unlocked: may be activated only at certain times and points of the scenario, kind of like a QTE, but it is good to remember that in another game of Respawn, Titanfall, racing on the walls are an element that is well integrated in the gameplay, then it is not excluded that it is instead possible to run on virtually any wall and at any time.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Concept Art 5

We open another parenthesis on BD-1, the small droid that will keep us company during the journey. The companion mechanic is a constant of many tales of Star Wars, think of Luke with R2D2 and Rey with BB8. But while in the campaign of Battlefront 2, the ID9 could be used to attack or paralyze the opponent, the BD-1 has the appearance of a droid particularly useful in combat. We know that even the BD-1 will have unlockable abilities, and it is not excluded that some of these may help during the clashes, however, it seems that the BD-1 will be used mainly in the explorative phases, and to give Cal a shoulder to chat with during the trip. It is already confirmed that one of the tools of BD-1 is, in fact, a spotlight that can illuminate the areas you are unfamiliar with, and in one of the concept art we see of illuminating symbols which for sure will have to look for in the course of the trip, probably to gain access to new Jedi powers. About the trip: we speak now of the almost open world of the game. The developers have in fact confirmed that Jedi: Fallen Order will not be a game completely linear, and that it will be possible to travel from planet to planet in the planet and return to places already visited. A bit like a metroidvania will be possible to use the skills learned in the course of the adventure to explore areas that were previously inaccessible. However, will not be an open world true, then the access to the new planets will depend on the history, a bit like in Kingdom Hearts, so to speak.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 3

We still don’t know how Cal will travel between the various planets, even if it is possible to make a guess. In the trailer you see a very short period of time in which the protagonist is inside of a cruiser of the Republic, an Interceptor Jedi class Actis, with the symbol of the Jedi Order on the wing. It is likely that we will use that ship to travel between the various planets, but hardly we will have the direct control. However, it is not excluded that in the game you can drive any vehicle, perhaps even in a single scene, in which salt is in the back of a Rancor or an AT-AT. After all, always in Titanfall, Respawn has already put to the guide of large bipedal robots. In short, this is more or less what is currently known about the gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: the Fallen Order. On paper, it all seems very interesting, but to learn how to presents you actually the game you will have to wait a few weeks, when we can finally try the game at E3 2019.