The Throne of Swords: the prequel, Bloodmoon in production, via the filming

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With the series, The Throne of Swords 8 now drawing to a close, a new dose of fantasy favorite George R. R. Martin is still planned in the near future with Bloodmoon, the prequel of which are officially initiated the work.

Bloodmoon is set 5000 years before the events narrated in the series of Game of Thrones, with a focus on the events related to the Children of the Forest, the creatures silvestri that in the world of The Throne of Swords lived in Westeros in the millennia prior to the rise to power of the hands. Are, however, responsible for the creation of the White Walkers and the Night’s King, which should be explored more deeply in this production.

The filming started in Belfast, with the presence of Naomi Watts, who is part of a cast that promises to be “stellar”. Bloodmoon should reveal some “terrifying secrets of the history of Westeros on the origins of the Strangers”. It seems that there is dancing in a big budget with Jane Goldman, wife of Jonathan Ross, as the author of the screenplay and producer of the series. In the meantime, if you have not already done so, you can read the review of the Throne of Swords episode 8×05.


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