The Throne of Swords 8, the Simpsons, had anticipated the shot of the scene of the fifth episode

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Apparently the Simpsons had anticipated the shot of the scene of the fifth episode of The Throne of Swords 8.

Attention advances:
Here we will make a direct reference to a very important fact of the plot of the fifth episode of the eighth season of The Throne of Swords. If you have not seen it yet and don’t want to know anything, do not read and do not scroll even the page, to avoid the image attached to the Tweet following the news.

The shot of the scene discussed in the fifth episode of The Throne of Swords 8 is definitely the decision of Daenerys Targaryen burn alive all the inhabitants of King’s Landing after having almost conquered the city.

A view of the scene, to some it is immediately reminded of a sequence in the episode “The Serfsons” of the 29th Season of the Simpsons, dating back to October 2017, in which you can see a dragon burn down a village for no apparent reason. The sequence had nothing to do with the Throne of Swords, but after the airing of the last episode of the fantasy series the link was inevitable.

Of course, this is not a prediction as strong as those of Trump at the White House, and the purchase of Fox by Disney, which yielded to the Simpsons, an aura almost mystical, but it is still a randomness interesting.

The Simpsons did it again.#GameofThrones #TheSimpsons

— Ryan Anderson is writing and podcasting again! (@Ryans_Ramblings) 14 may 2019


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